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Our Service

MPC Classic will design a stand to your specifications and make suggestions to perfectly present your ideas.

We are always here to implementation of concepts for ensuring a successful participation in our products. Outstanding designs and modular stand construction, hostess services. We have highly motivated and customer-orientated people to ensure that your presentation meets the highest professional standards.

In co-operation with our designers, we carry out over 1,000 international projects every year. We can adapt your advertising to the requirements of different trade shows around the world to attract the attention of important trade visitors and the wider public.

Our Manufacturing unit spreads over 15,000 sq. feet. We are Streamline manufacturing operations. We are also having Improved manufacturing flexibility. We also provide end to end solutions including customer requirements to complete end product for customers globally. For quality, we use tools to optimize processes. Our employees are trained Quality Management system (QMS) to improve the QCT (Quality, Cost & Time) of product and processes.

We have 35yrs expertise in manufacturing Industry to manufacture the different types of Stands like TV, Projector, Monitor and Speaker etc.,

From our experience of developing products for various designs, we bring in “New Product Development” as a service. We can convert your idea\Concept into the real product. We provide end to end solutions to meet your customer requirements in total.